Global Engineers has collaborations with world's leading companies for setting up turnkey projects & equipment for Explosives and Propellants Plants for Ordnance factories such as.

  • Nitrocellulose (NC) Plants
  • Initiating Explosives (Lead Azide, Lead Styphnate, Tetrazene, Sodium Azide, Styphnic Acid) Plants
  • Fine RDX Plants
  • NitroGlycerine, NitroGuinodine, and Nitroglycols, Dynamite, Propellants
  • Ammunition Disposal Plants
  • Single Base & Multi Base Propellant Plants
  • Ball Powder Plants
  • Bleached Linter Manufacturing Plants
  • Tear Gas Manufacturing plant

    Some of our prestigious customers are:-

  • Indian Ordnance Factories

  • PT Humpuss, Indonesia

  • Tear Gas Unit of Indian Police