Company Profile

Global Engineers Limited is a leading Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Manufacturing(EPCM) company established in 1982 to provide customized plantsand equipment solutions on turnkey basis in the field of explosives and propellants and surface treatment and pre-treatment for the Indian Defence, Railways, Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Pharmaceuticals and Food and Beverage industry coupled with innovative technologies to consistently deliver satisfactory results to its clients/partners through excellent quality, state of the art technologies and a dedicated team of over 200 professionals and technicians.

We arebacked by technology tie-ups with world leaders in their respective fields such as:-

  • BowasInduplan, Austria for Propellants& ExplosivesPlants
  • Raimondi Impianti Srl., Italy for Washing and Degreasing Plants for Railway applications
  • Italtecno, srl, Italy for Anodising Plants
  • Ceever Srl., Italy for Phosphating and Pickling Plants

    Technology Tie-Ups

  • Bowas Induplan, Austria

  • Italtecno, srl, Italy

  • Raimondi Impianti Srl., Italy

  • Ceever Srl., Italy